Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Your Resume is Got Rejected : CV Rejection Reason

Are you looking for CV Rejection Reason? So here you are at very right post. I am going to tell you the exact reason of CV rejection. 
For getting jobs in a corporate resume is mostly required. Every candidate makes their resume according to their ability and they include their all the data on the basis of their knowledge. 
But while making resume there may be lots of error, that can leads to resume rejection. So today we will discuss the resume and their error.

And also I will tell you the exact parameter of resume to get the job quickly.

Resume Rejection Reason

So as I am an active user at LinkedIn so I was checking my feed, and I got the reason that how most of the CV's are rejected.

Here I got one of the best posts about the CV rejection and see what she is saying in this post.

First of all, she is the senior manager. So he is saying to the Jobseeker about the resume rejection.

Top Reason of Resume rejection

According to her post
  • No Subject in the Resume
  • Wrong subject
  • inappropriate Wording
  • Mismatch Qualification/Experience
  • Unsupported CV format
  • CV details in image
  • Missing Contact info
  • Inappropriate Name
So above all are the reason of CV rejection.

Take care of these things while making resume.